Online Marathon


4:00pm, 30 July, 2020


Facebook Live

What is online marathon

You will dissolve all fears, beliefs and blocks that are limiting you 

We understand that right now your main need is to SURVIVE. Yet this marathon was specifically designed to get you to STRIVE in crisis.


You've definitely had enough theory at Uni. This is why we designed this marathon to get you to practice everything you learn.

based on true stories

Remember the movies that say 'do not try this at home'? We've tried it all - everything we've learnt from Uni, seminars, books, courses and our mentors. 

Through trial and error we cherry picked the best techniques and exercises that have been proven to bring tremendous results.

It's all about you

At the end of every workshop you will get a homework. Your results 100% depend on your commitment. No one can commit to yourself better than you. 

We are here to hold your hand and guide you all the way.


You attended a lecture. No follow up. Exam time. Panic. <- Sounds familiar, huh?

This experience will be different.

We are here to listen and understand.
We are in this together.
You have a question - we will give you the answer! 

July, 2020


You will be rating your wheel of basic needs, way of covering them and proactivity vs reactivity 
August, 2020


We will cover the best way to look after your finances during COVID19
August, 2020


Discover new ways of effective communication and the power of body language


You will go a bit deeper into your soul, discover breathing and meditation techniques for a calmer life
August, 2020

Personal Development

Explore new areas of personal development and how to put your energy into improved state
August, 2020


We will be discussing the power of focus and how to quickly and effectively redirect yourself when you are feeling low
August, 2020


Setting goals is an essential part of moving forward and living your best life. We will teach you highly effective methods of goal setting and tricks to achieving them.

tst who?

TST is a result of 10+ years of experience, development, and walks though a maze of self search and development.

What's better than a combination of two friends walking in the same direction? 

Two people, who were living under pressure hiding their true self from everyone else for years, achieving great results, yet non soul fulfilling. 

Two empowered friends, who unexpectedly discovered that they are on the same path. They found wisdom and mastery from their mentors. 

They've managed to turn their lives around, united and are carrying their flag into the masses.

There is a saying: "If you want to go fast - go alone. If you want to go far - go together."  

Our mission has served us well and we are building like minded community. 

The School of Transformation is building a community of like minded people who want to live, laugh and learn, use their full potential and be FREE!


Limited to 4 people*


  • 7 LIVE Workshops
  • 10 Practical Techniques
  • Homework Feedback
  • 3 hours of private coaching 
  • Unlimited online communication
  • Priority in live Question Breakdowns
  • Priority notifications for upcoming marathons
  • + Bonus 1hr LIVE Workshop “Working with fears and limiting beliefs”
  • 20% Discount to join XOBA Club


Limited to 30 people* 


  • 7 LIVE Workshops 
  • 10 Practical Techniques 
  • Homework Feedback
  • 17% Discount to join XOBA Club




  • 7 LIVE Workshops
  • 10 Practical Techniques

What do people say about us?

Who is behind TST

Arina Frolova

Arina is an ambitious, positive and highly empathic person. At her young age, she has already passed a lot of personal and business milestones in her life. Like no one else, she knows how difficult it is to start a business from nothing. Not once. Not even twice. She has found herself. Now she is striving for a better life for everyone around her. Arina’s everyday life is fulfilled with learning new coaching practices, working on herself and helping others.

Yuriy Tyurin


Yuriy is a man of continuous self-education and improvement. He is always hungry for new information, techniques and tools that he can use to develop his mindset. Yuriy is passionate about helping people and easing their lives. Also, he treats new adventures with open hands and heart. His business experience and a desire to change the world for better arose into his own business optimisation company which operates internationally and helps hundreds of people today.